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Threatening Letter.
Threatening Letter

"Protecting the Name and Reputation of Audubon Park"


Full Text

The following is the full text of the letter received today from Henry W Kenney, representing the Audubon Commission.

November 16, 2001

Mr. J. Keith Hardie, Jr
Attorney at Law
757 St. Charles Avenue, Suite 304
New Orleans, Louisiana 70130

Re: Organization of Save Audubon PArk

Dear Keith:

I want to reiterate to you the contents of my correspondence of November 12th, 2001 concerning the use by your organization of the name of the public park ("Audubon Park") in your organization's name. The Louisiana Non-Profit Corporations Law, LSA-R.S. 12:204.1, specifically restricts organizations, such as yours, from using the name of a public park in such a way that would deceptively, or falsely imply, or otherwise suggest, that non-profit corporation has been organized for the financial benefit of the park whose name was incorporated in the organization. The organization that you incorporated on October 15th, 2001 clearly incorporates the name "Audubon Park" in its name. We believe that the mere use of the name of "Audubon Park", coupled with the fundraising activities of your organization, including those contained on your internet website, Save Audubon, violate this provision of the law. On behalf of the Audubon Commission, the administrators of Audubon Park, we call upon your organization to immediately remove the name "Audubon Park" from your organizational structure and Articles of Incorporation. We also call upon you to remove any references which are contained in your fundraising efforts on the internet, including your website, Save Audubon, to the name Audubon Park.

The name "Audubon Park" enjoys an exceptional reputation local (sic), nationally and, indeed, worldwide. The Audubon Commission will not allow the misuse of its name as detailed above. The Audubon Commission places your organization, as well as the individuals who pursue the misuse of its name, including your Board, on notice that it will hold those people personally responsible for any misuse of its name. I mention this since you informed the Court on Tuesday, November 13th, 2001 that you formed this organization to "shield" the individuals from any liabilities for their deeds. I strenuously disagree that the formation of this organization will shield any individual from their liabilities incurred in connection with this misuse of Audubon Park's name.

The Audubon Commission welcomes input from individuals and organizations regarding its projects. In fact, some of the input from individuals in your group has been helpful in the recent changes in the golf clubhouse size and location. However, we are sure that you will understand that it is important for the Audubon Commission to protect the name and reputation of Audubon Park.

Please comply with these requests immediately.


Henry W. Kinney


We feel that this letter is baseless.


In case we are forced to remove the words "Audubon Park" from the name of our organization and website, we are launching a competition to find a new name. Anyone who would like to suggest a new name for SaveAudubonPark is invited to do so at

Some early suggestions include





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